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Monday, 22 July 2019

Heezy Yang/Hurricane Kimchi Live in Oslo

Queer Artist and Drag Queen from South Korea
Live Show and Exhibition at Mir

Heezy Yang (also known as his drag persona Hurricane Kimchi) from Seoul, South Korea will be exhibiting his queer-themed Korean art which deals with current queer issues of South Korea, and performing live in drag at Mir in Oslo. This will be his first show in Norway.

Date: Saturday, the 10th of August
Time: 8PM-11PM
Venue: MIR (Address: Markveien 61, Oslo)

Opening Performance by ELIZA FIERCE
Two Sets of Drag Shows by HURRICANE KIMCHI

Cover: 100nok
(For supporting the participating artists)


London Schedule for July 2019

This is a list of London events where I will be present in July 2019. I will be in London from the 9th until the 24th, then I will be in Norway for the rest of July and most of August. My Norway schedule will be posted once everything is confirmed.

13/July (11:30am-12:30pm)
Art Talk 'Heezy Meets Hurricane Kimchi'
Venue: British Museum
Free tickets available at:

13/July (6pm-Late)
Heezy Yang Retrospective Show Opening with Performances
Venue: Take Courage Gallery in New Cross
There is a cover for the show, and is cheaper if you book in advance here.

14/July (12pm-10pm)
Heezy Yang Retrospective Show
Venue: Take Courage Gallery in New Cross

17/July (Evening)
Queer Asia Exhibition Closing Reception
Venue: SOAS, University of London

23/July (Evening)
Drag Performance at LGBTQ Showcase Bar Wotever
Venue: Royal Vauxhall Tavern

For inquiries about details and specifics,
Email me at heezyyang@gmail.com!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The Queer Talk (더 퀴어 토크)

The Queer Talk / 더 퀴어 토크

Seoul's local queer artists, activists, and business people got together for an evening full of very special talks about our queer community and queer lives and performances! This is a fundraiser for queer artist Heezy Yang’s Europe shows and research on queer issues. The event includes talks, performances, and raffles. There is no entrance fee for the event. Donations Only.
P. S. After the event is finished, the night will go on with my birthday party!
- Heezy -

서울의 퀴어 아티스트, 활동가, 사업가들이 한데 모여 퀴어 커뮤니티, 그리고 퀴어로서의 삶에 관한 토크와 공연이 가득한 여름밤을 선사해 드립니다! 더 퀴어 토크는 퀴어 아티스트 히지양의 유럽 전시회 및 퀴어 리서치 기금 마련를 위한 펀드레이저 행사입니다. 토크, 공연, 경품 추첨으로 구성되어 있으며 입장료가 없는 자율기부 행사입니다.
P. S. 행사가 끝난 이후에는 제 생일 파티가 이어집니다!
- 히지양 -

Heezy Yang (Artist)
Byunchun (Cartoonist, Filmmaker, Drag Artist)
Hayden Royalty (YouTuber)
Edhi Park (of LGBTQ Youth Support Centre Ddingdong)
Piooda (Queer-friendly Sex Toy Shop)
Sunshine (Drag Artist)
Sulwha (Drag Artist)

히지양 (아티스트)
변천 (만화가, 영화 감독, 드랙 아티스트)
헤이든 로얄티 (유튜버)
박에디 (청소년 성소수자 위기지원센터 띵동)
피우다 (퀴어-프렌들리 섹스 토이 스토어)
선샤인 (드랙 아티스트)
설화 (드랙 아티스트)

Date: Friday, the 5th of July
날짜: 7월 5일 금요일

Time: 9PM - 11PM (Birthday party afterwards)
시간: 오후 9시-11시 (이후 생일 파티)

Venue: Pizza Pub Re.Pub.Lic (Noksapyeong Station)
장소: 피자펍 리퍼블릭 (녹사평 역)

Address: 8, Sinheung-ro 5-gil, Yongsan-gu (2nd floor)
주소: 용산구 신흥로 5길 8 (2층)

Bday Party DJ: MR. ALI JUNG
생일 파티 디제이: 미스터 알리정

Inquiries / 문의

*There will be special food & drink deals at the venue during the event!*
*이벤트가 진행되는 동안 스페셜한 가격의 스페셜 메뉴가 준비될 예정입니다!*

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Photos from Book Launch Party (책 발간 파티 포토 스케치)

After months of writing, drawing, and editing, I was able to finally print my first (Korean queer novella collection) book, before the year ends, thanks to the support from a lot of people. Here are some of the photos from the book launch party that was held on the 14th of December, 2018. You may read about my book and place an order through the link at the bottom of this post.

많은 분들의 도움과 응원 덕분에 수 개월간의 집필, 삽화 작업, 편집 과정을 거쳐 올해가 가기 전에 무사히 저의 첫 (퀴어 소설 단편집) 책을 발간할 수 있었습니다. 아래는 지난 12월 14일에 열렸던 제 책의 발간 파티의 사진들 입니다. 또한 하단의 링크를 통해 제 책에 대해 읽어보시고 주문을 하실 수 있답니다.

Photos by Tay Bond

See all photos on Facebook (Click Here)
페이스북에서 더 많은 사진 보기 (클릭)