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Monday, 9 October 2017

Where is South Korea at in Terms of LGBTQ Rights?

Where is South Korea at in Terms of LGBTQ Rights?

Photo by Kim Min Soo (Korea Queer Culture Festival)

In this article, I am going to talk about where South Korea is with regards to LGBTQ rights, and how accepted queer people are. I am going to briefly introduce some of the work I have done as a queer individual and as part of South Korea’s LGBTQ community.

My name is Heezy Yang. I work on various types of art projects and try to engage in activism and important social movements with my artwork. For the last few years, I have mainly focused on LGBTQ issues in South Korea. This has been because I am a South Korean gay man, but also because I think now is a very important time for the LQBTQ community of South Korea.

The keywords that describe the country’s current situation with LGBTQ rights and acceptance best would be ‘change’ and ‘challenge’. The change has already started to happen, however, there are, and there will be many challenging situations that South Korea needs to deal with. South Korea is definitely not the most liberal and progressive country, but it is probably one of the most radically changing countries. You can see it in Korean fashion or in young Koreans’ interest in politics, and the impact this has on society.

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Friday, 15 September 2017


Written by Heezy Yang, South Korean LGBTQ artist and activist

Photo by Kim Min Soo & Korea Queer Culture Festival

Even though South Korea has become a culturally very influential Asian country (in such a short period of time with the rise of K-pop and its entertainment industry in general, as well as its economic growth), non-native South Koreans outside South Korea are often only able to access limited bits of the country’s culture due to the language barrier and South Korea’s unfamiliarity with foreigners. South Korea’s LGBTQ culture is especially something that is hardly exposed to people all around the world. As an English-speaking South Korean who’s been fairly active in South Korea’s LGBTQ scene and movement, I get asked a lot of questions by foreign academics and I receive interview requests from media. Something that I can assure you is that South Korea does have a rapidly-growing and unique LGBTQ culture and that behind it there are many hard-working LGBTQ activists. Through this article, I would like to share my knowledge and experiences regarding LGBTQ activism in South Korea. This article will be presented through specific categories which will aim to deepen the reader’s understanding regarding this topic.

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Upcoming Events (2017)

LGBT Prom (Details TBA)
***This event has been postponed until October.

Flea / Craft / Art Market

A Very Chill & Relaxed Pride After Party

Drag Queens On Canvas (2017 Seoul Pride Exhibition)

LGBTQIA+ And Allies In Korea Fundraiser Show
For 2017 Seoul Pride Booth

Monday, 10 July 2017

LAAIK Booth At 2017 Seoul Pride

Come and Hang Out at 'LGBTQIA And Allies In Korea' Booth At 2017 Seoul Pride!
2017 퀴어문화축제 '한국 퀴어와 그 친구들' 부스에 놀러오세요!

'LGBTQIA And Allies In Korea' is an online-based group that's been hosting/participating in lots of LGBT-related events and actions since it was created in 2014. It has also been a bridge that connects Korea's local LGBTQIA community and International queer communities. It had its debut at Seoul Pride (also known as Korea Queer Culture Festival) in 2016 and it was confirmed that it will be running a booth at Seoul Pride this year as well. You may find the details below. Come and hang out at the booth and check out the queer products its sellers and artists will be selling!

'한국 퀴어와 그 친구들' 은 온라인에 기반을 둔 그룹으로, 2014년 창설 된 이후 퀴어와 관련된 다양한 행사와 활동들을 주최 및 후원해왔습니다. 또한 '한국 퀴어와 그 친구들'은 영어-한국어 간 통역 및 정보 교류를 통해 한국의 퀴어 커뮤니티와 해외 퀴어 커뮤니티를 연결해주는 역할을 수행해왔습니다. 작년에는 처음으로 퀴어문화축제에 부스를 열고 참여하였으며, 올해에도 부스 활동 참여가 확정이 났음을 알려드립니다. 더 자세한 정보는 아래 내용을 참고하세요. 부담없이 즐거운 마음으로 부스에 놀러오시기 바라요! 또한 부스에서 판매되는 아트 작품 및 물품을 구매하셔서 '한국 퀴어와 그 친구들' 그룹과 부스를 후원하실 수 있답니다!

Date: Saturday, the 15th of July. (11am-7pm)
날짜:  7월 15일 토요일 (오전 11시-오후 7시)

Location: Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall
장소: 서울 시청앞 서울 광장

Booth Number: 15 (Marked on the Map)
부스 번호: 15번 (지도 참고)

Booth Activities:
- Pamphlet 1 (About LGBTQIA And Allies In Korea)
- Pamphlet 2 (Letters from International LGBT Friends, Written in Korean)
- Pamphlet 3 (Illustrations about the Imprisoned Korean Soldier for Being Gay)
- Free Merchandise (Fans with Illustration and Logo, Limited)
- Soju Cocktails (All profits will be used to run the group.)
- Artwork, Products, Snacks (Part of the profits will be donated to the group.)

부스 컨텐츠:
- 팜플렛 1 ('한국 퀴어와 그 친구들')
- 팜플렛 2 (외국인 퀴어 친구들이 한국어로 쓴 편지 모음)
- 팜플렛 3 (게이라는 이유로 2년형을 선고받은 군인에 대한 일러스트레이션)
- 무료 머천다이즈 (일러스트레이션과 로고가 새겨진 부채, 한정 수량)
- 소주 칵테일 (수익금 전액은 그룹 운영에 사용됩니다.)
- 예술 작품, 퀴어 상품, 간식거리 (수익금의 일부는 그룹에 기부됩니다.)

**After Party**
We are aware that there will be many different types of shows and parties on this date. Unlike most of them, we would like to offer you a space where you can just chill and relax, while socialising and meeting other queer folks and allies. Some of the talented artists from 'LGBTQIA And Allies In Korea' group will be performing music as well!

Time: 8pm-5am
Venue: The LINK in Itaewon (736-19, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)
Performers: Paul Perrone, Jason Kuttner, and more to be added!
7월 15일 퍼레이드 후에 수많은 종류의 파티와 공연들이 기획되어 있는 것 모두 알고 계시죠? 재미난 공연들과 크레이지한 파티들이 많겠지만, 우리는 술을 한잔 하며 편안히 쉬고, 또 퀴어 커뮤니티에 속한 새로운 친구들을 만날수도 있는 자리를 마련하고자 합니다. '한국 퀴어와 그 친구들' 그룹의 멤버 가운데 재능있는 아티스트분들이 뒷풀이에 오셔서 음악 공연 또한 펼칠 예정이랍니다!

시간: 저녁8시-아침 5시
장소: 이태원에 위치한 The LINK (서울시 용산구 한남동 736-19)
공연: 폴 페로네, 제이슨 커트너, 더 많은 공연자가 추가될 예정입니다.
자세한 정보는 여기에서!: www.facebook.com/events/460169491022369

Facebook Event Page / 페이스북 이벤트 페이지:

Facebook Page of the Group / 페이스북 그룹 페이지: