Thursday, 5 May 2016

Donate for 'LGBTQIA And Allies In Korea' Booth at Seoul Pride

Online group 'LGBTQIA and Allies in Korea (한국 퀴어와 그 친구들)' is trying to get a booth at Seoul Pride for the first time, this year. Most of the group members are non-Korean LGBT people or English-speaking Koreans in Korea. The group and members have been playing a very important role in Korea's LGBT scene for the last few years, online. (We kept people in Korea and abroad updated with lots of LGBT news and brought world's attention to Korea's LGBT issues, working with lots of Korean and foreign media.) So, I, as the manager of the group, decided that now is time for us to get a booth at Seoul Pride festival location, be present, raise our voice as a part of Korea's LGBT scene and Korean society.

We are planning on having local and foreign artists selling their LGBT-related art, handing out mini books that are collections of non-Korean LGBT people's stories written in Korean language, handing out free fans with original illustrations and the logo of our group on them, selling tasty drinks made with original recipes, offering free hugs to people, etc. Also, we will set up some space where the group members, or anybody who want to meet new people and make new friends, can come, sit and chill.

But for that, we need a fund. First, we have to pay to set up a booth in Seoul Plaza (in front of Seoul city hall) and we need to buy some stuff to make the booth function well, and to decorate the booth with signs and props. Making the mini books and fans that I mentioned cost money too.

We need about minimum 300,000 KRW just to make the booth function, and about 600,000 KRW to make everything I mentioned earlier happen. I will try and host a fundraiser event with a show and fun programs once I'm back in Seoul. Meanwhile, if you can make donation via Paypal, or by wiring money to my Woori Bank account, I would appreciate it a lot. Setting up a booth for the group is a challenge for me too. I usually just perform at the opening show of Seoul Pride and then did my things(performing street performances and reporting what's going on at Pride, online). I think having this booth will bring more fun and bond to many of us so please help! There's no minimum or maximum amount of money you can donate. Even 1,000KRW, 1 dollar counts and it could contribute and I would appreciate that.


Shinhan Bank (신한은행)
Receiver: 양희승


We take donations through Western Union as well.
For the details, please send an Email to
Thank you.