Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Schedule/Activities On Seoul Pride Parade Day (2016)

Hi. This is Heezy.
We only have two more nights before the Seoul Pride parade day.
This year, I will be participating in more activities than ever on the parade day.
I have been asked about my schedule by journalists and friends many times
and I also wanna invite you to come and enjoy the activities with me
so I decided to make a post about my schedule and everything.

1. Running A Booth

Thanks to all the support and the donation we received, my Facebook group 'LGBTQIA and Allies in Korea (한국 퀴어와 그 친구들)' is having a booth at Korea Queer Culture Festival (aka Seoul Pride) for the first time!
We have prepared a lot of things that you can enjoy - free merchandise, amazing artwork and accessories by talented artists, cheap yet delicious drinks and more! Our booth is for both Koreans and international residents and visitors so feel free to come and hang out with us and check out all the cool & fun things we have. :)
For more details, visit the Facebook event page:

2. Street Performance (Exhibiting My Illustration)

I will be showing two of my LGBT-related illustrations set up on easels and I will be standing or sitting next to them. I will most likely be moving around inside Seoul Plaza so I can show them to more people. :)

3. Seoul Pride Opening Performance

photo by shin hyo soep
photo by samuel murray
With talented artists and activists including Edhi Park, I will be performing a medley of a few songs at the main stage as an opening act. Like, literally we will be the opening act of the opening show. It is a great honour and I shall not fuck this up! We have been practicing really hard at the dance studio and we have also been training our singing voices hard. Our team name is 판타스틱한 여자들 (Fantastic Bitches) and it is because our set-list has Big Bang's song 'Fantastic Baby' in it.

You can see our performance's intro video here:

4. Parade - Going Upon The Float No.2

photo by bona kim
Transgenders' Right Organisation 조각보 was generous enough to invite me onto their parade float along with great activists/performers like Edhi Park. I really appreciate the invitation and I will do my best to entertain all the people in the parade and to deliver the important messages from LGBTQIA community. We have prepared a killer playlist, costumes and signs, and you really won't wanna miss them!

5. After-Party
(From 10pm)

There are so many Seoul Pride after-parties, this year.
It seems like all the gay bars and LGBT-friendly bars are hosting one.
There will be lots of crazy parties with super fun shows and stuff but I won't be attending those parties this year. Since I will be working and performing at Pride from 8am to 8pm, I would simply like to chill and relax with my fellow performers and artists at the bar I manage - The LINK in Itaewon. There won't be planned shows or performances at the bar but I will give out some free Pride merchandise and sell some Pride artworks and merchandise made by various local artists. There will be lots of musicians and Pride performers in the bar so there could be impromptu performances. Also, my photo exhibition <Boys And The Colours: Portraits Of Gay Men> is still running at the bar. It opened on the 4th of June and it will end on the 19th of June.
For details about the exhibition and location of the bar, visit:

For further inquiries, send an email to
I hope everybody enjoys 2016 Seoul Pride (aka Korea Queer Culture Festival) and hope I get to see you there!