Monday, 9 October 2017

Where is South Korea at in Terms of LGBTQ Rights?

Where is South Korea at in Terms of LGBTQ Rights?

Photo by Kim Min Soo (Korea Queer Culture Festival)

In this article, I am going to talk about where South Korea is with regards to LGBTQ rights, and how accepted queer people are. I am going to briefly introduce some of the work I have done as a queer individual and as part of South Korea’s LGBTQ community.

My name is Heezy Yang. I work on various types of art projects and try to engage in activism and important social movements with my artwork. For the last few years, I have mainly focused on LGBTQ issues in South Korea. This has been because I am a South Korean gay man, but also because I think now is a very important time for the LQBTQ community of South Korea.

The keywords that describe the country’s current situation with LGBTQ rights and acceptance best would be ‘change’ and ‘challenge’. The change has already started to happen, however, there are, and there will be many challenging situations that South Korea needs to deal with. South Korea is definitely not the most liberal and progressive country, but it is probably one of the most radically changing countries. You can see it in Korean fashion or in young Koreans’ interest in politics, and the impact this has on society.

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