Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Upcoming Events (2018)

Cinematic Halloween
시네마틱 할로윈

Drag Tuesday Launching Show
드랙 튜스데이 런칭 쇼

Queer Live Music Night
퀴어 라이브 뮤직 나잇

2018 Seoul Pride After-Party (Hosted by Seoul Drag Parade)
2018 서울 퀴어문화축제 애프터파티 (서울 드랙 퍼레이드 주관)

Anti Prom
안티 프롬

@ SOAS, University of London

Charity Drag Show with LGBTQ+ Youth in Korea

This Is Me: Seoul Drag Parade After-Party
디스 이즈 미: 서울드랙퍼레이드 애프터파티

Seoul Drag Parade
제 1회 서울드랙퍼레이드

Drag, Once Again (Seoul Drag Parade Fundraiser)

Seoul Drag Parade Pre-Parade Fundraiser
서울 드랙 퍼레이드 후원 파티

Hurricane Kimchi's Drag Boudoir

Korea Through My Queer Eyes
Talk @ SOAS, University of London

Photography Exhibition: Gay Men And Pants
@ New Bloomsbury Set, London

Queer Korea (How Are You Doing?)
Exhibition+Performances @ SOAS, University of London

Cloudy With A Chance Of Hurricane Kimchi: Divas Night

Cloudy With A Chance Of Hurricane Kimchi: Rock N' Roll Night