Monday, 21 January 2019

(Crowdfunding) Kim And I: Queer Korean Novella Collection

Kim And I: Queer Korean Novella Collection

*Funding ends in April*
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About The Book

'Kim And I' is the English version of '김기웅 이야기' which is a book that contains two Korean queer novellas written by Korean queer artist & activist Heezy Yang. 

'Kim And I' is about a Korean highschooler who develops feelings towards one of his classmates. The somewhat autographical, coming-of-age story will not only share with you the youthfulness and emotional experiences of queer youth of Korea, but also the social circumstances and pressures they live in.

The main character in the other short story 'Homo Hill' is legally an adult, unlike the one in 'Kim And I'. He, however, is still young and inexperienced in living a life as an adult, and queer, in a still-conservative society that is Korea. The story deals with a series of events that takes place around him, as he goes out on a Saturday night, in the gay district in Seoul.

What the author hoped to achieve most through his first book, was reaching out to, comforting, and supporting young LGBTQ+ people who have grown up in this society as well as all minorities.


About The Author

Heezy Yang is a Seoul-born Korean queer artist and activist who uses various media such as illustrations, photography, and performances.
He has been participating in multiple Pride parades and related events in Korea, as an artist and event organiser/host. His drag name is Hurricane Kimchi, and he is also the founder and chief organiser of Seoul Drag Parade since 2018.
He has recently started participating in international projects in London and New York, and he was named for 30 Under 30 Class of 2018, by Forbes Asia.

Book Release Party in Seoul

Everyone who helps fund this book project by pre-ordering the book(s), posters, or donating, will be invited to the book release party that will take place in Seoul in the summer of 2019. There will be performance art, drag shows, live music, and artwork displays.

How To Fund The Project

1. Check out the book and merchandise prices below.
2. Order through the link below.
(International shipping is available.)
3. Make a transfer using Paypal or a Korean bank account.
(Any additional donation will be very much appreciated!)

Books And Merchandise

Kim And I (English Version)
Price: 12,000 WON or 12 USD
김기웅 이야기 (Korean Version)
Price: 10,000 WON or 10 USD
Jeju Island Poster (A4 Sized)
Price: 10,000 WON or 10 USD
(It will be folded in half when shipped.)
Public Shower Poster (A4 Sized)
Price: 8,000 WON or 8 USD
(It will be folded in half when shipped.)

Pick-up & Shipping

If you would like to pick up the ordered items at the book launch party or from me directly, you don't have to transfer the shipping fee. Domestic shipping (in Korea) fee is 4,000 WON or 4 USD.

International shipping fee:
30,000 WON or 30 USD for USA, UK, Canada, France, and Brazil
25,000 WON or 25 USD for New Zealand, Germany, and Spain
20,000 WON or 20 USD for Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore
15,000 WON or 15 USD for Vietnam, and Taiwan
*Email me at to inquire the international shipping fee for other countries.*

Information for Transfer
Woori Bank: 1002-330-717898 (양희승)

*Funding ends in April*
200/1500 USD
13.3% Funded