Heezy Yang
Illustrator, Photographer, Performer, Event Organiser/Host, Founder of Queer and Trans English-speakers in Korea, & Seoul Drag Parade, Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Artist, Tattoo Lover, Occasional Selfie Lover

Selected Exhibitions
2019 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at SOAS & British Museum
2019 Heezy Yang Retrospective Show at Take Courage Gallery
2019 Seoul Drag Parade Photography Exhibition: SEOUL+DRAG
2018 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at SOAS
2017 Drag Queens On Canvas
2016 Seoul Pride Exhibition: Boys And The Colours
2015 Seoul Pride Exhibition: A Few Pieces In Almaz

Contact Info. & Social Media
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heezyyang
Instagram: www.instagram.com/heezyyang

You can see more photos of me and my work here ▷ Photo Gallery