Heezy Yang
Illustrator, Photographer, Performer, Event Organiser/Host, Founder of Queer and Trans English-speakers in Korea, & Seoul Drag Parade, Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Artist, Tattoo Lover, Occasional Selfie Lover

Selected Exhibitions
2019 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at the British Museum
2019 Seoul Drag Parade Photography Exhibition: SEOUL+DRAG
2018 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at SOAS
2017 Drag Queens On Canvas
2016 Seoul Pride Exhibition: Boys And The Colours
2015 Seoul Pride Exhibition: A Few Pieces In Almaz

Contact Info. & Social Media
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heezyyang
Instagram: www.instagram.com/heezyyang

You can see more photos of me and my work here ▷ Photo Gallery