Pictures from Events

Posters of Events I Organised/Hosted
 ▲Anti Prom
 ▲This Is Me (2018 Seoul Drag Parade After-Party)
 ▲Seoul Drag Parade
 ▲Drag, Once Again
▲Hurricane Kimchi's Drag Boudior
▲Gay Men And Pants (London Exhibition)
▲Queer Korea (How Are You Doing?)
▲Cloudy With A Chance Of Hurricane Kimchi: Divas Night
▲Cloudy With A Chance Of Hurricane Kimchi: Rock N' Roll Night
▲Art And Movement Fundraiser
▲Raising Visibility of Korean Queer Diaspora (Fundraiser)
▲Drag Queens On Canvas
▲LGBTQIA+ And Allies In Korea Fundraiser Show
 ▲The Art Of Drag
▲Rainbow Art Market & Show
▲Queer Halloween
▲Live Music Night At The LINK_2016
▲Itaewon Rainbow Road Art Festival
▲Rainbow Gathering: Britney Spears
▲Rainbow Flea Market
▲The LINK Terrace BBQ Party
▲Boys And The Colours: Portraits Of Gay Men
▲The Link Grand Opening
▲Rainbow Gathering: Loud And Proud
▲Rainbow Gathering: The Circus
▲Big '90s Night In Hongdae
▲A Very Britney Saturday
▲Lunar New Year Celebration: Neon And Glow
▲Love The Unloved Fundraiser
▲Geeks, Nerds, And... The '90s Music
▲Art Showcase at Moloko Plus
▲Rainbow Gathering: Disney Halloween
▲Rainbow Gathering: Pride Gives Back
▲A Few Pieces In Almaz
▲Rainbow Gathering: Pride Month Party
▲Rainbow Gathering: Fundraiser For LGBT Youth
▲The Colourful Side Of Heezy Yang
▲A Very Britney Christmas
▲Back To The Late '90s
▲Rainbow Gathering: Urban Beach Party
▲Heezy Yang Spring Exhibition
▲Bollywood Night
▲Rainbow Gathering After Party
▲Rainbow Gathering: Valentine's Day Party
▲Wonderland In The Rabbit Hole
▲H.E.Y. 2014!
▲A Very Britney Saturday
▲H.E.Y. Christmas!
▲H.E.Y. Pink Party