Photo Gallery

Photos of me, my work, and other stuff

New York Queer Art Tour, 2018

London Queer Art Tour, 2018

Art And Movement Fundraiser, 2017

Performance & Presentation At Queer Asia 2017 Conference
SOAS, University Of London

Performing 'You May Now Kiss The Groom' in Seoul, 2017

Performing 'Unjustifiable' in the streets of Seoul and in front of Seoul city hall, 2015-2016

Seoul Pride (aka Korea Queer Culture Festival)
Opening Performance 2013-2016

Co-hosting, Performing and Exhibiting at Itaewon Art Road Festival, 2016

Photos of me in drag, as Hurricane Kimchi, taken by Shin Hyo Seop

Display of illustrations at gay bar SOHO

Backstage Moments

Bloopers from 'Boys And The Colours' Shoots
'Boys And The Colours' Photo Exhibition, 2016

'A Few Pieces In Alamz' Illustration Exhibition, 2015